Aventador or Reventon? Too similar for my taste

Lamborghini hit two big home runs with the Miura in ’67 and the Countach in ’74. From an aesthetic standpoint, those cars were extreme. The reaction they elicited from people was genuine shock and awe. Don’t believe me, watch this video a Countach in ’85 (11 years after the car’s debut but first year on sale in the US) parked on the street in Manhattan and the subsequent crowd that pours over the car. 

But where is Lamborghini today? We’ve seen the same basic proportions and design since the Diablo of the 90’s, and this isn’t just a problem with Lamborghini. Porsche, Aston Martin, and Roll’s Royce are so entrenched in their current design language, that to change it would be unthinkable. They’ve essentially become heritage brands.

But would it really be so bad if the 911 ceased to exist, and instead Porsche built a Caymen without training wheels? Or Lamborghini decided to build a truly outrageous car by today’s standards, not merely a rehash of 90’s values. Sure, some fans would raise a fuss over the demise of their favorite car, as happens every time a car is replaced, but I think the automotive world would be better for it.

Isn’t the insistance on pushing the limits at the core of motorsport’s philosophy? I want to be blown away by new car design.


3 thoughts on “yawn

  1. The Aventador is definitely a boundary pushing car in many ways. I think it sets a new stylistic standard for supercars, but also it is the first production car with a full carbon fiber tub, as opposed to panels. That is a big deal!
    I don’t know what sort of “new proportions” you want to see from Lamborghini (to say it resembles the Diablo is absurd), but in my mind they are the only supercar maker who is avant-garde at the moment.

    • Is the Aventador truly avant-garde? How is it pushing the boundaries of design? It looks like an updated Reveton, which itself is an updated Murcielago. I can’t even tell the Aventador from a Murcielago at a distance, as the proportions are so similar. The last avant-garde car that Lamborghini produced was the Countach. All cars since have been evolutions of the same design.

      From a performance standpoint, it doesn’t get any better. Even with a CF tub, it’s still over 3,800lbs or just 200lbs lighter than the STEEL Murcielago. It’s ISR gearbox is a mess. Jump to 24:50 to see it struggle at Laguna Seca: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBfugbEIlk4 I would argue that McLaren’s 12C from a technical standpoint is far more impressive and launched in the same year as the Aventador.

      If you want to talk avant-garde styling, you have to look at what Ferrari has done in the last 20 years. While beauty is subjective, each generation represents a new design aesthetic and clean break from the past. (exclude 360 to 430) Did you see the FF coming? A V12 hatchback! It’s far from perfect but you have to respect Ferrari for taking the gamble. I actually commented on your blog about this a while ago. Look under Charlie in the comment section.

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