fire the marketing department

Listening to the Corvette team talk about the new C7 is painful. They essentially acknowledge that the C6 was half-ass in a lot of ways, which doesn’t inspire confidence in their latest attempt. Even worse, they constantly reference more expensive competitors, which I think does the C7 a disservice. People should want to buy a Corvette because they want a Corvette, not because they can’t afford a Ferrari. When you frame something as the cheaper alternative, it’s always a losing proposition.


time for the ultimate de-badge?

Sports cars are luxury goods, and people buy them because of how they make them feel. Personally, I can’t remember being as excited for a Corvette as I am about the C7. There is much to like about it: heaps of aluminum, power and style.┬áThe C7 needs to shake the notion of the budget sports car. If it wasn’t called the Corvette, everyone would be foaming at the mouth for one. Maybe it’s time to kill the Corvette brand…