beyond jealous

How do you spend a day in Ferrari’s most hardcore street car? Find yourself some picturesque Italian backroads and drive it like mad. Some people get to have all the fun.

Why buy the regular 458 Italia?

Ferrari has essentially made the regular 458 obsolete. It’s not an easy task, just ask McLaren, but a more focused version of an already exceptional sports car is basically automotive nirvana (GT3 anyone?). I’m such a sucker for minimal functional interiors, and with most of the sound insulation removed in the name of weight savings, you can hear all road debris hitting the wheel wells in the video. While it might be too much for some, I love the idea of a sports car that is uncompromising in its approach to performance. A sports car focused on driving? There’s a novel concept. It’s just such a shame about that awkward front bumper, aero benefits be damned.

Do driver aids make drivers better or merely hide bad habits?

The SSC system essentially lets you drift with no skill required, and what is drifting beyond trying to impress your friends? It’s a demonstration of car control. SSC may be an excellent means to safely test the limits of the car under certain settings, but being used as an aid to improve lap times for the average driver is another thing entirely.

PS. Why does Steve quote everything in MPH? Britain is definitely on the metric system.


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